ALTO AI is an automotive expert

A unique Artifical Intelligence specialized in automotive business. Developped by Tchek, it facilitates the inspection and remarketing of vehicles.

Already adopted by many automotive professionals


Access the full power of

Our Artificial Intelligence is integrated in each of our solutions. Each feature of our technology is independently accessible, via API or via web and mobile SDK.

Directly with our ready-made solutions

Our ALTO AI technology is an integral part of each of our solutions. It is coupled with business logic and tools to address specific issues of automotive professionals.

Remote trade-in

Source more VO remotely with an AI-assisted trade-in process.

On-site trade-in

Streamline your on-site vehicles trade-in with AI inspection.


Know the condition of a vehicle at each key moment in its life.


Maximize the potential of your images and professionalize your ads.

illustration des différentes briques composant la solution d'intelligence artificielle Alto AI

According to your needs, in your favorite tools

Our ALTO AI technology is divided into bricks of features. Each one is accessible via API and can be integrated into your processes/software as SDK.

This list you see is not exhaustive! If you want to know more about the capabilities of our technology, or their integration to your specific tools, contact us directly, we will be happy to help!

Everything to facilitate and accelerate your processes

High performance

With over 5 years of experience, our technology is currently the most advanced in the inspection market.

Easily pluggable

Each feature can be integrated independently via API or SDK into any tool or process.

Fastly scalable

With no installation or set-up costs, our technology is easily deployable across your organisation, in any country/site.


Providing value and return on investment to our clients is our primary concern.

How it works

Tchek combines a unique artificial intelligence with business logics dedicated to the automotive industry. Discover how we turn your inspections into value-added data.

Data acquisition

ALTO AI compiles all the raw images taken by the user, regardless of the device that is used.

Data processing

Our ALTO AI technology allows for unprecedented multimodal image processing. It filters, cleans, analyses and enriches the raw data thanks to its complex deep learning algorithms.

Data delivery

The processed data is translated into clear data trough our API and dashboard.


Our technology is driven by progress

Our founders’ history in the engineering and automotive fields has inspired a unique approach to technology as-a service.

Since day one, we have been building and enriching ALTO AI, a unique automated and intelligent multi-fonction technology, which allow us to provide all automobile professionals with the most reliable solutions for UV inspection.

Vehicles inspected
Analyzed images

Start using AI to inspect your vehicles.

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