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Vehicle Damage Inspection

Automated damage detection report, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Damage Detection Image

Detect car body damages.

Image showing comprehensive damage documentation via video recording, aiding analysis and decision-making.

Damage Detection Video (Bêta)

Consolidate all damages on a video recording.

Image illustrating precise part segmentation for targeted repairs and efficient diagnostics.

Damage Parts

Assess parts accurately.

Image depicting transparent repair cost estimates, supporting informed decisions.

Damage Repair Cost

Get the repair costs from the list of damages.

Image illustrating severity analysis for prioritizing repairs and enhancing safety.

Damage Severity

Link type of damage with type of repair and severity.

Image showcasing precision assessment of damage sizes, aiding repair planning.

Damage Size

Recognize each damage size for a better severity recognition.

Image showing linked detection of damage types, enhancing repair precision.

Damage Type

Link detection with damage's type.

Condition (Bêta)

Image depicting interior condition assessment for enhanced appraisal and maintenance planning.

Interior Condition

Detect vehicle interior condition.

Image depicting tyre condition assessment for safety and maintenance planning.

Tyre Condition (Bêta)

Read tyre condition from an image.

Image illustrating rim condition evaluation for optimized performance and visual appeal.

Rim Condition

Read rim condition from an image.

Standardization and Quality Control

A versatile vehicle image shown in both cut and uncut versions, highlighting flexibility and visual appeal for diverse audience preferences.

Segmentation Cut / not cut

For your remarketing photos, make sure you get the full vehicle body.

A dynamic car image showcasing various angles, exemplifying the Position Analyzer feature's ability to capture comprehensive views and optimize perspectives.

Position Analyser (Angles)

Make sure to have process all parts of the vehicle.

A group of diverse individuals holding cameras, symbolizing the universal applicability and benefits of standardized picture-taking processes across industries and domains.

Standardization (Blur, corrupted, dark, dirt, flare, reflection, shadow, snow, wet)

Is your picture good ? With blur, corrupted, dark, dirt, flare, reflection, shadow, snow, wet...?

Image illustrating segmentation for enhanced analysis accuracy and efficiency.

Segmentation (A car / Not a car)

Stop fraud or bad files with image recognition.


Image showcasing license plate reading technology for efficient vehicle identification.

Licence Plate Reading

From a doc, a file or a vehicle image, read licence plate.

Image showing dashboard reading for vehicle health monitoring and maintenance planning.

Dashboard Reading (mileage , lights)

Get automated info from the dashboard pictures. From a doc, a file or a vehicle image, read info.

Image illustrating VIN number reading for accurate vehicle identification.

VIN Number Reading

Get a reading of the VIN number on your vehicle pictures. From a doc, a file or a vehicle image, read VIN.


Image featuring a blurred background, emphasizing the subject for enhanced visual impact.

Blur Background

Focus on Vehicle

Image demonstrating background replacement for enhanced remarketing efforts.

Remarketing Background Replacement

Replace your car pictures backgrounds with 1 click


Alto AI Strengths

Proprietary data

We own our data and have trained our neural network on both images and videos. We do not require to store more data.

Specific Architecture

Our major strengh is our data centric approach with specific pre processing and state-of-the art models.

Compliant with regulations

We constructed an infrastructure to analyse without a breach of confidential or data subject rights. We created a technical and organizational measures to meet expectations.

Both image and video treatment

We can supply with both API on images and videos due to our large volume of database. Say goodbye to complex tools and equipment. Capture, assess, and document with ease, anytime, anywhere.


Our Privacy & Security Engagements

GDPR Compliant Solutions

Soon to be ISO 27001 certified

Data encryption

Multi factor authentification

Face & Licence Plate Blurring

Real-time Service Monitoring

Regular Back-ups and Replicas

Everything is Time Stamped


Access the full power of

Our Artificial Intelligence is integrated in each of our solutions. Each feature of our technology is independently accessible, via API or via white-label widget.

An easy plug and play suite of digital solutions

Our ALTO AI technology is an integral part of each of our solutions. It is coupled with business logic and tools to address specific issues of automotive, mobility and insurer professionals.

We can provide white-label tools, please contact us directly, we will be happy to help!

Remote trade-in

Source more VO remotely with an AI-assisted trade-in process.

On-site trade-in

Streamline your on-site vehicles trade-in with AI inspection.


Know the condition of a vehicle at each key moment in its life.


Maximize the potential of your images and professionalize your ads.

illustration des différentes briques composant la solution d'intelligence artificielle Alto AI

According to your needs, call our API

Our ALTO AI technology is divided into bricks of features. Each one is accessible via API and can be integrated into your processes/software as white-label.

Detection API is built using advanced machine learning and computer vision. Users can leverage these sophisticated techniques without needing in-depth expertise in the underlying technology.

This list you see is not exhaustive! If you want to know more about the capabilities of our technology, or their integration to your specific tools, contact us directly, we will be happy to help!


Our technology is driven by progress

Our team, with engineering and automotive expertise, has inspired a unique approach to technology as-a service.

Since day one, we have been building and enriching ALTO AI, a unique automated and intelligent multi-fonction technology, which allow us to provide all automobile professionals with the most reliable solutions for UV inspection.

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