Resell your UC faster.

Our AI checks the conformity of your images and retouches them automatically according to your wishes. Clipping, background modification, blurring, plate recognition, image enhancement... Maximise the potential of your images and professionalise your ads.

Already used by many automotive professionals

Professionalise your UV selling process.

Personnalise your image backgrounds in just a few clicks.

Our AI automatically trims the vehicles in your photos. You can then automatically apply the corrections of your choice. Give your advertisements a professional touch with standardised images in your colours!

Fond flouté.

Fond blanc.

Fond personnalisé à vos couleurs.

Packed with other useful features

Quality control

Automatic verification of image quality: blur, distance, saturated colour, truncated image etc.

Plate cover

Replacement of the license plate with your logo or brand name for a standardized rendering.

Image automatic embellishments

Saturation correction, contrast correction, sharpness enhancement for a more professional image rendering.

Automatic reconiton of VIN and mileage

Automatic association of confidential vehicle data and generation of automated files. 

Tchek API

Full integration to your process with our API

Our API is a simple HTTP interface with several options.

Image Source



JPEG image
JSON file

"At Aramis Group, we use the Tchek Remarketing solution to improve the quality of the user experience. We process a large number of photos from our partners in real time thanks to image reprocessing APIs. The integration into our systems was very simple and the Tchek teams were very reactive to correct and adapt the solution."
damien from aramisauto

Damien Moyne

Head of AI Products & DataPlatform

Start professionalise your UV selling.

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