API Position Analyser (Angles)

Make sure to have process all parts of the vehicle.

A dynamic car image showcasing various angles, exemplifying the Position Analyzer feature's ability to capture comprehensive views and optimize perspectives.

Feature Example

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Comprehensive Views

Providing a comprehensive views of cars from various angles, aiding in better understanding if an angle is missed.

Optimal Perspectives

By analyzing different angles, the feature helps photographers identify optimal perspectives.

Enhanced User Experience

Offering diverse angles enables users to explore the car from different viewpoints, empowering them to make informed decisions and fostering engagement and satisfaction with the product or service.

How it works

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Alto AI Strengths

Proprietary data

We own our data and have trained our neural network on both images and videos. We do not require to store more data.

Specific Architecture

Our major strengh is our data centric approach with specific pre processing and state-of-the art models.

Compliant with regulations

We constructed an infrastructure to analyse without a breach of confidential or data subject rights. We created a technical and organizational measures to meet expectations.

Both image and video treatment

We can supply with both API on images and videos due to our large volume of database. Say goodbye to complex tools and equipment. Capture, assess, and document with ease, anytime, anywhere.

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