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Our unique Artificial Intelligence ALTO AI is a game changer in car inspections. Discover how to integrate an immediate car condition response and remote solutions tailored to your needs.

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Implementing a damage detection solution using an API is faster than developing one from scratch.

Full damage detection

Our AI automatically detects all damages on the body of a vehicle. In addition, it provides precise information on the nature, severity and location of each damage.

Repair estimation

Our AI is also an automotive professional. It provides you with a detailed estimate of the repair costs to be expected on a vehicle. Of course, it can be adjusted to your own costing matrices.

Easy photo enhancing

Our AI checks the conformity of any image and retouches it automatically according to your wishes.
Clipping, background modification, plate recognition, image enhancement...

Our white-labelled solutions tailored to your needs

All powered by Alto AI.

Remote Trade-In

Source more UVs with remote inspection

Get comprehensive vehicle condition reports remotely. With damage detection and repair cost estimation, make accurate cash trade-in offers in minutes. Accelerate your vehicle sourcing with AI-assisted remote vehicle trade-in.

Qualified leads

Accelerated trade-in offers

Optimized customer experience

On Site Trade-In

Simplify the recovery of used vehicles on site

Optimized customer registration integrated with your management tools, guided photo tour, damage detection and costing. Inspect vehicles on site in a few minutes and make your sales staff's life easier, while optimizing the trade-in experience for the customer!

Phygital trade-in experience

Integration with your management tools

Accelerated vehicle valuation


Resell your vehicles faster and professionalize your ads

Our AI checks the conformity of your images and retouches them automatically according to your wishes. Clipping, background modification, blurring, plate recognition, image enhancement... Maximize the potential of your images and professionalize your ads.

Standardised ads

Optimized images

Accelerated vehicle resale

Tchek Inspection feature
Inspection API

Accelerate and optimize inspection with our API

You need to know the condition of a vehicle? Tchek easily integrates into your existing apps, databases and business flows. ALTO AI helps you get instant result detecting the damage and estimating the cost of repair.

Detection and costing

Accelerated and standardized inspection

Integration via widget or API

How it works

Tchek combines a unique artificial intelligence with business layers dedicated to the automotive industry. Discover how we turn your inspections into value-added data.

Data acquisition

ALTO AI compiles all the raw images taken by the user, regardless of the device that is used.

Data treatment

Our ALTO AI technology allows for unprecedented multimodal image processing. It filters, cleans, analyses and enriches the raw data thanks to its complex deep learning algorithms.

Data delivery

The processed data is translated into clear data trough our API and dashboard.

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