Simplify your on-site vehicle trade-in.

Inspect vehicles on site in minutes and make work easier for your teams, while optimizing the trade-in experience for the customer!

Already adopted by many automotive professionals

Make fast, precise and reliable trade-in offers.

Get a complete comprehensive tour and standardised shots.

With our complete Shoot Inspect photo course, professionalize the inspection of your vehicles.

External angles covered by 360° shots.

AI compliance control of the image (blur, angle, brightness...).

Full customization is possible.

Let our artificial intelligence ALTO AI detect the damages for you !

ALTO AI identifies scratches, dents, rubs, chips, broken pieces, estimates their severity and locates their position on the body.

Validate or remove the detected damages in a few clicks according to your needs.

Adapt the final report to your needs: display the AI confidence level, the size of the damage, etc...

Get a complete report of repair cost estimation of the vehicle.

Let our technology calculate your repair costs according to your business logic and to your own price list, in a few seconds. All you have to do is make a trade-in offer!

Personalize your own price list.

Add additional damage or pictures to your inspection report manually.

Make your offer.

Enjoy Tchek On-Site Trade-In on your smartphone

Intuitive and easy to handle, give your teams the best tools to trade-in vehicles professionally on site.

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How it works

Optimized customer file entry integrated with your management tools, guided photo tour, damage detection and costing. 
Inspect vehicles on site in a few minutes and make life easier for your sales people, while optimizing the trade-in experience for the customer!

You create a synchronized client file.

Enter essential information for the trade-in of a vehicle. Everything is automatically integrated into your inventory management tools.

You carry out the photo process in a few minutes.

Perform a 360° photo tour of the vehicle following the path developed by Tchek (or customizable).

You checks the damages control

Control and modify the damages identified by our artificial intelligence ALTO AI directly in the app.

Our AI estimates the repair cost

You automatically get a complete report of repair cost estimation provided by our AI. You can edit the damages and their cost if needed.

You can make an offer!

Your commercial agent is ready to make a personalised and accurate trade-in offer to the client.

Start using AI to make trade-in offers.

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