Digitalise, accelerate and optimise the inspection of your vehicles

Do you need to know the condition of a vehicle? Whether it is in the case of a repair, a rental or an accident, ALTO AI helps you detect damage and estimate the cost of repair.

Tchek Inspection feature

Already adopted by many automotive professionals

Follow a reliable, step-by-step inspection process.

Get a comprehensive tour and standardised shots

Make your photos and your route efficient and adapted to your needs thanks to our ALTO AI technology.

External angles covered by 360° shots.

AI compliance control of the image (blur, angle, brightness...).

Full customization.

Let our artificial intelligence ALTO AI detect the damages for you !

ALTO AI identifies scratches, dents, rubs, chips, broken pieces, estimates their severity and locates their position on the body.

Validate or remove the detected damages in a few clicks according to your needs.

Adapt the final report to your needs: display the AI confidence level, the size of the damage, etc...

Get a complete report of repair cost estimation of the vehicle.

Let our technology calculate your repair costs according to your business logic and to your own price list, in a few seconds.

Personalize your own price list.

Add additional damage or pictures to your inspection report manually.

Test the AI expertise on a vehicle.

Discover the whole process of AI assisted trade-in offers

Estimate your vehicle in only a few minutes using our AI.

And receive for free :

Exterior and interior images
Additional documents
Full damage report
Repair cost estimation
Test the expertise on a vehicle.
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Enjoy Tchek Inspection on your smartphone.

Depending on your current needs and processes, our inspection solution is available on our application, but can also be integrated via API or SDK.

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How it works

Tchek combines a unique artificial intelligence with business layers dedicated to the automotive industry. Discover how we turn your inspections into value-added data.

Data acquisition

ALTO AI compiles all the raw images taken by the user, regardless of the device that is used.

Data treatment

Our ALTO AI technology allows for unprecedented multimodal image processing. It filters, cleans, analyses and enriches the raw data thanks to its complex deep learning algorithms.

Data delivery

The processed data is translated into clear data trough our API and dashboard.

Start using AI to inspect your vehicles.

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