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ALTO AI  tech from Tchek remodel the car inspection & scan industry

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Taking 4 years of Research & Development, the patented Tchek technology gave rise to a whole new way of approaching automotive inspection. After launching the revolutionary Tchek scanner, a physical device that automates car inspections with exceptional precision, Tchek now focuses on ALTO AI, the game-changing technology at the core of all its solutions.

What drives us at Tchek?

Tchek was founded on the belief that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to unlock the future of automotive inspection and remarketing. Tchek empowers automotive industry actors with the tools to tackle new mobility challenges. We are committed to help our clients overcome digital challenges and build stronger businesses across Europe.

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New trends in mobility, going along with new technologies, are strengthening the connections and commitments between citizens, leading to confidence in understanding and sharing.

Anton Fert, co-founder

We support our users with our values: to imagine and anticipate tomorrow’s mobility challenges.

Léa Chevry, co-founder
car expert auto
car expert auto

We are proud to bring our AI technology and our experience to the future of mobility.

Sofiane, co-founder 

Want to join the adventure?

We’re looking for talented people to help us reach our goals. If you’re passionate about the mobility industry and get excited by joining a great team, we’d love to hear from you!

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