Fleet management, find out how we can help you.

In the context of the management of a vehicle fleet, it is essential to be able to optimize its costs. Indeed, taking care of a complete fleet of vehicles is very expensive, regardless of the type of company to which it belongs.

You have a car rental company, a leasing fleet or are a transport professional, Tchek offers you its solutions to improve the management of your vehicle fleet with complete peace of mind thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Already adopted by many automotive professionals

Tchek, a solution to optimize your fleet management strategy

As a professional, managing a car fleet can quickly become time-consuming and above all unprofitable. But thanks to its innovative solution, Tchek offers you to reduce your costs while improving safety and vehicle reliability. How ? By using ALTO AI Artificial Intelligence to perform the inspection of all your vehicles.

Our system, unique in the world, allows you to automate your inventory process, regardless of the number of vehicles in your fleet.

A 360° inspection on the line

Our technology, unique in the world, consists of carrying out the complete mapping of a vehicle in just a few seconds, by passing it through two large gantries, like a medical scanner. With 20 cameras as well as a patented play of light, image capture is carried out at 360° with minute precision. ALTO AI is thus able to detect the slightest damage and send an alert in real time to the back office to indicate the repairs to be carried out on the vehicle.The speed of this process allows you to analyze an entire fleet of vehicles, one after the other, while saving you valuable time.

Artificial Intelligence, a powerful technology

ALTO AI having all the technical expertise drawn from the necessary automotive intelligence, our solution not only makes it possible to identify the damage, but also to estimate in real time the cost of the repairs to be carried out for each vehicle. Thus, each step can be automated, from the delivery of the vehicle to its repair.In addition, monitoring your fleet is greatly facilitated, our Artificial Intelligence also being able to identify any parts that need to be replaced. At a glance, you know which vehicle requires your intervention.

A unique customer experience

For rental professionals, Tchek is the ideal solution for both fleet management and customer relations. Indeed, using our Artificial Intelligence solution allows you to establish a climate of transparency and trust between you and your client. The inspection is carried out objectively and simply.Our system is also available via our Smartphone application, the inspection can be carried out 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, enough to fully satisfy all users!In the era of leasing and car sharing, Tchek is the ideal solution to simplify all your processes and improve your services as well as your customer relationship.

Tchek, a solution adaptable to all types of fleets

We carry out the delivery of the scanner and the rapid installation ourselves throughout Europe, for all companies with large fleets or logistics players. We can thus optimize the software according to your needs and provide you directly with all the details necessary for the proper functioning of your equipment.

Because it is essential for us to be able to meet the needs of all automotive sectors, the portal performing the shooting does not have a roof. So even the tallest vehicles like trucks can cross it safely.

To meet all expectations, we offer several features adapted to each type of business: Tchek Remarketing, Tchek Inspect, Tchek In&Out and Tchek Claims.

Thanks to its unique solution, Tchek allows you to automate your vehicle inspection process in order to save time and increase reliability. Your fleet management costs are thus reduced and your time optimized: from an average of 15 minutes of manual inspection, you will drop to just 1 minute thanks to Tchek!

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90% of customers who initiate an online recovery through Tchek complete the process. 


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That's the average time it takes to complete an end-to-end cash buyout offer with AI-assisted recovery.


Faster for your team

Our AI takes care of guiding your client in taking photos, detectes damages and then estimates the repair.

Test the AI expertise on a vehicle.

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How it works

Offer your customers a smooth and fast trade-in experience with our photo process. Thanks to ALTO AI's damage detection and repair cost estimation, make quick and reliable trade-in offers without seeing the vehicle.

You create customer file and send a link

You create a file from our interface and send a link to the private individual who wishes to have their vehicle repossessed, by SMS or email.

Your client carry out the remote inspection

Upon receiving the link, your customer performs a guided photo tour via their smartphone or tablet. Without knowing it and in a few minutes, he has completed the inspection of his vehicle.

Your agent checks the damages control

You receive the completed inspection instantly and only have to check for damage.

Our AI estimates the repair cost

Our solution compiles the information and automatically estimates the repair costs, according to your customised matrix.

You send your trade-in offer!

All you have to do is make a clear and transparent offer to your customer!