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Vivatech - The valeo innovation challenge was won by Tchek AI !

Tchek confirms the trend this year by winning an award at the Vivatech trade fair. Second prize won this quarter by the startup, it accelerates the democratization of this scanner, which is new in France for professionals in the automotive sector.

Invited to take part in the largest European technology trade show under the leadership of the French equipment manufacturer, the start-up company Tchek won one of the three challenges launched by Valeo in the theme: new solutions for fleet management. "This is a strong recognition from the automotive industry for us," said Anton Fert, CEO of Valeo. pit before a jury of innovation experts.

This award reinforces the technological advances of Tchek . . .and asserts its pioneering status.
"Our engineers combine our algorithms, artificial intelligence and computing power to reconstruct the vehicle in 3 dimensions and locate the damage. This innovation is a source of pride for the members of the technical team who make up the Tchek but also a guarantee of profitability for our users. "comments Sofiane Benabdallah, CTO of Tchek.

As a reminder, Tchek automates the inspection of the vehicle exterior by locating and analyzing damage using sensors combined with artificial intelligence. This device is aimed at vehicle rental companies as well as manufacturers and dealers.
"This innovation affects the entire automotive industry over the entire lifetime of a vehicle. The prize awarded by Valeo is commensurate with the ambition of Tchek " explains Anton the founder of the Marseille-based startup.

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