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CES Las Vegas - Tchek AI wins an innovation award for its tech

Present at the next CES Las Vegas, the start-up Tchekintends to distinguish itself thanks to its car inspection scanner honoured at the CES Unveiled Paris.

An Innovation Award in the Intelligent Vehicle and Transportation category

The startup Tchek has won a CES Innovation Award Honoree that it will collect in Las Vegas in January 2020 during its participation in the CES at Eureka Park. The opportunity to present its vehicle inspection scanner to the general public and the international press. "Our device can have a real impact on the way motorists use their vehicles. With TchekIt will be easier to share, lend or rent as it will be independently inspected. "explains Anton Fert, founder of Tchek.

On the roof of the start-up world

CES Las Vegas is the world's largest international trade show dedicated to technology and innovation. No wonder the young company is proud to wear the colours of France and the Southern Region. « Tchek has its place among the 1200 selected startups worldwide because it offers an innovative solution for the automotive professional but also for all vehicle drivers. "says Léa Chevry, co-founder of Tchek.

Tchek is one of those start-ups that are reinventing the automotive sector...

With this stand-alone inspection scanner, Tchekoffers transparency back into the vehicle inventory process. In a world where people rent, resell, lend or share their vehicles, this gantry photographs and analyzes the entire bodywork to list the slightest damage in a time-stamped pdf report. This high-performance device combines state-of-the-art imaging with artificial intelligence for a reliable digital experience.

Meet Tchekat CES Las Vegas

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