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Europcar approves Tchek and its digital stations AI solution

  • The young French start-up, Tchek, has signed a partnership with the rental giant and major European player in the mobility sector, which is currently testing the artificial intelligence solution on its sites. With these first pilot projects, Europcar Mobility Group is strengthening its entry into the digital age with the start-up, Tchek, as part of its 2023 strategic roadmap and its 'Mobility service company' mission.
  • The first phase of deployment was carried out with Tchek Scan. A disruptive product of the Tchek brand, and the world's first autonomous scanner of Artificial Intelligence, it improves operational efficiency by automating and mechanising the inspection of the entire vehicle with great precision. Thanks to 3D reconstruction, image capture and the integration of business logic, Tchek Scan submits rapid alerts of new damage. Other integrated solutions could follow, spanning the entire customer journey.

When European know-how comes together to accelerate innovation

With car sharing, local rental and new mobility, rental companies are preparing for the future. To succeed in this transformation, Europcar Mobility Group is testing Tchek to strengthen its relationship with customers, its commitments and its maintenance and repair processes. To begin with, the start-up supports them in the digitalisation and automation of check-in check-out inspections of its traditional rental model. Ultimately, the project will also include new mobility solutions, with a view to improving overall operational efficiency, which may require more maintenance and repair than conventional vehicles.

"Following a call for tenders made up of ten solutions, we chose Tchek for their agile and service oriented solutions, their leading artificial intelligence technology, as well as their international coverage to support new mobility" comments Vincent Blondel, Connected Cars Manager, Europcar Mobility Group.

"In just a few months we can attest that their unique check-in check-out comparison solution is reliable and has tripled our operational damage detection efficiency" comments Alba Fernandez, Group Head of Fleet and Network digitalisation, Europcar Mobility Group.

"The integration of a digital and autonomous solution into a customer journey is a subject that can be complex and we are very happy to have removed this thorn from the side of the leaders and managers on the company. We are very proud to have Europcar Mobility Group as the first major partner of the industry because we share in the vision; to always save time and profitability for users and employees by combining technological know-how with irreproachable customer service, explains Léa Chevry, Co-Founder of Tchek.

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