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PLD - The automobiles group bets on innovation with Tchek auto scan

The automotive PLD distribution group goes digital with Tchek.
In partnership with the Marseille-based startup TchekPLD relies on a new digitalized tool and is positioned as a precursor for the future of automotive distribution.
Tchek is the first stand-alone solution to provide fast, complete and reliable diagnosis of a vehicle's body condition using artificial intelligence. This digital revolution in inspection enhances customer relations and opens up new opportunities in the workshop.

Tchek operating instructions
The vehicle rolls through the gantry Tchek in the workshop. This scanner automatically diagnoses the body condition and generates a comprehensive report. The adviser and his customer can then discuss together the opportunity to carry out a repair of all or part of his vehicle. Beyond the search for completeness and speed, Tchek offers true transparency at key moments in the customer relationship

A pilot site already installed
Among the 22 automotive sites of the PLD group, the one in Aix-en-Provence will inaugurate this new service: an autonomous intelligent scanner to inspect vehicles.
"The objective of this partnership is to extend this technology to all our dealerships to improve our inspection and make our workshop entrances more fluid during Audi Rent and Volkswagen Rent rental. This service contributes to improving our customer relationship and our commitment to trust," explains Clément Leydet, brand manager at PLD automobiles.

PLD's ambition: to be at the forefront of developments in automobile distribution
Ambition is displayed. It relies on a multitude of tools and services to make interaction with customers simpler and faster.
To achieve its objectives while preserving its values, the PLD group is banking on innovation in the service of customer relations. "By TchekPLD offers customers a complete, detailed and transparent follow-up of their car. Digitalisation represents a growth lever by optimising the repair chain and customer relations. "adds Léa Chevry, co-founder of PLD. Tchek.

The gantry Tchekcrane at the PLD Automobiles distributor

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