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CES - Innovation award for Tchek car inspection solution !

These takeaways, as if you were there.

Car inspection with our AI automation recognition

Tchek is back from CES 2020. Meeting with Auctions Centers, Logisticians, Rental Car Centers, Dealerships and of course OEMS.

The world's largest trade show is the CES, for all those who thrive on the business of innovation. Tchekbrings a revolution in car inspection.

The #1 of autonomous automotive inspection

Tchek is the world #1 in autonomous automotive inspection. Tchek develops the first connected intelligent scan in order to qualify, locate and quantify damages in real time.

Innovation Award in Vehicle Intelligence for Auction, Automotive Actors, Dealerships, Vehicle Inspection, OEMS

With more than 60,000 inspections worldwide. In other word 1 every 8 seconds somewhere in Europe. Tchek enables its customers to develop the next generation of autonomous and intelligent rental, repair and shared vehicle centres. Indeed, part of the success of Tchek at CES is due to its location. Within Eureka Park and French Tech quarter. The other basis of success is unquestionably the fact that Tchek won an Innovation Award in Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category.

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innovation award honored CES2020

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Thanks to its unique Artificial Intelligence ALTO AI, Tchek facilitates the inspection and remarketing of vehicles. Discover all our solutions dedicated to automotive professionals.

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