Vehicle resales, quick and easy

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Vehicle resales, easy and fast with Tchek

During the last few years, the used car market has greatly developed, as the sale and purchase of new vehicles no longer meets the needs of today's drivers.

Vehicle resale has therefore become a priority for all automotive professionals, especially dealerships.

To facilitate your auto inspection processes as well as your remarketing, Tchek has developed a unique AI-based solution.

Resale: a major issue for dealers

Car resale presents non-negligible economic stakes for professionals in the automotive sector. The inspection process therefore remains a decisive stage in the reconditioning and return to the market of vehicles.

Therefore, having a tool to automate this step will improve your company's performance, while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Taking, editing and publishing photos, detecting damage and accurately estimating repair costs - that's what our Tchek solutions offer to help you optimise your vehicle resale processes.  

The different Tchek solutions for vehicle resale

Tchek solutions based on artificial intelligence facilitate all the steps necessary to remarket a used vehicle. Thus, with Tchek Remarketing, you or your customers have the possibility to take high quality photos, from any location, in order to make a reliable inventory of the vehicle. Our application will also allow you to customize and standardize the images in order to publish them directly on your sales platforms. This saves you valuable time and your vehicles are put up for sale more quickly.

In order to efficiently detect any damage to the car, our Tchek Inspection solution will be ideal to perform a quick and reliable inspection, while transmitting the data to you in real time. This step, which is often stressful for users, is thus automated, avoids possible disputes and considerably increases the trust between you and your customers.

Finally, our solution allows you to use the data collected during the inspection to provide accurate, real-time repair costs. The vehicle is restored more quickly by knowing the repairs to be made, which ultimately speeds up the resale.

ALTO AI, artificial intelligence at the service of automotive professionals

The use of artificial intelligence has many advantages for automotive professionals. ALTO AI has been designed to enable quality image capture, while using the knowledge of the different business layers to analyse the data collected.

Whether via our software interface or via our application that can be used on all types of media (mobile, tablets, etc.), ALTO AI facilitates operations to be able to resell vehicles in a fast and reliable way.

Tchek, for all car resale professionals

As an automotive professional, having our Tchek solutions will allow you to improve your vehicle resale processes. With more reliable and faster inspections, you not only increase your customer satisfaction, but also improve your turnover rate, as cars are put back on the market in a shorter time frame. You save time and the costs of a manual inspection.

Are you a car resale professional and would you like to know more about our Tchek solutions? Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts and book your demo directly with our specialist. He will be able to advise you and answer all your questions about the implementation of our solution.

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