Used car reconditioning

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Recondition your used cars with Tchek Inspection

The reconditioning of used vehicles is a crucial step for the dealer who will have to deliver a vehicle as if it were new.

In order to assist professionals in this major challenge, Tchek has developed its unique inspection solution, using artificial intelligence. The process is thus automated, for a faster and above all more reliable result, even for large fleets.  

Thanks to ALTO AI, you can be sure that you are putting a vehicle back on the market in perfect working order.

Tchek, to facilitate the reconditioning of used vehicles

Using our inspection solution, the damage present on the vehicle is immediately spotted and the repair costs estimated in the process. As an automotive professional, this allows you to recondition more vehicles with increased reliability.

With Tchek Remarketing, get standardised vehicle photos to showcase them and increase the chances of purchase on all your sales channels.

ALTO AI, for remarketing made easy

The use of artificial intelligence makes remarketing of all types of vehicles much easier. ALTO AI allows to take optimized images in order to obtain clear and quality car pictures. Our Tchek application has been designed to simplify the remarketing of any vehicle, allowing you to personalise the images obtained with your logo for example, and to publish them directly on your favourite sales platforms.

Thanks to our dedicated photo shooting process, you can have a 360° inspection to identify in just a few seconds all the damage on your fleet of vehicles and obtain in real time the repair costs to be considered for the remarketing of reconditioned cars.  

Tchek, for all car reconditioning professionals

Our Tchek solution thus enables all car reconditioning professionals to save considerable time and perform reliable inspections.

This major step is automated to provide better performance and get cars back in service faster.

The use of artificial intelligence also has the advantage of avoiding disputes by providing reliable images of the vehicle, creating a relationship of trust between you and your customers.

Are you a used car reconditioner and would you like more information about our vehicle inspection and remarketing solution? Do not hesitate to contact us and book your demo directly with our specialist.  We will answer all your questions and will be able to offer you solutions adapted to your activity.

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Thanks to its unique Artificial Intelligence ALTO AI, Tchek facilitates the inspection and remarketing of vehicles. Discover all our solutions dedicated to automotive professionals.

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