Toyota France integrates Tchek's remote inspection into its online vehicle trade-in process.

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Toyota France integrates Tchek's AI remote inspection into its online vehicle trade-in process.‍

After issuing a call for tenders to multiple suppliers, Toyota France has selected Tchek to enhance its online vehicle trade-in process through the integration of ALTO AI remote inspection technology.‍

Online trade-in, a growing demand on‍

In 2022, online vehicle buyback/ trade-in requests from individuals saw a significant increase of 32%* on search engines. Toyota France's website also received over 20,000 trade-in requests, a number that continues to grow in 2023. In its pursuit of becoming the world's leading mobility company and always striving to better serve its customers, the automotive brand is now looking to enhance its online trade-in module. This enhancement will enable private sellers to receive the best possible offer while improving the user experience, considering that nearly 90%* of individuals looking to buy or sell a vehicle begin their journey online.

With this goal in mind, Toyota France has chosen Tchek to support its digital transformation efforts. Starting in October, Tchek's AI-assisted inspection will be integrated into their digital platform.

According to Thomas Gérard, Deputy Director of Toyota France: "The integration of Tchek solutions into our online vehicle trade-in estimation process aims to support our strategy of strengthening our presence in the used car market. The challenge for each of our dealerships is to be recognized locally as the go-to player for both new and second-hand vehicles.

In line with this strategic goal, we aim to professionalize the process of buying a vehicle, whether for individual use or as part of a renewal strategy. Our current online trade-in tool enabled our dealerships to purchase 1,000 vehicles in 2022. Through our partnership with Tchek, along with the extensive reach and professionalism of our network, we plan to increase this volume to 4,500 units by 2025.

A Toyota dealership not only sells Toyota-branded vehicles but also vehicles from other brands. This shift expands our historical positioning focused solely on vehicle sales and positions our dealerships as new players in the buyback market.

The primary beneficiaries of this partnership are both individuals looking to sell their vehicles, seeking a professional and responsive solution, and our network of dealerships, who will receive qualified leads to carry out more buybacks and, consequently, more sales. This digital solution, serving our network, aligns perfectly with our strategy to expand the used vehicle market within our network."

For Lea Chevry, co-founder and CRO of Tchek:

"By choosing Tchek, Toyota France enhances the efficiency of its online trade-in process, benefiting both its customers and distribution network. With our auto-inspection technology, both private sellers and professional buyers gain a precise understanding of the vehicle's condition, eliminating unpleasant surprises for both parties.

Tchek's overarching mission is to bolster trust in transactions through accessible technology, and we are proud that Toyota France, a subsidiary of the world's leading automotive manufacturer, shares this same vision."

‍Simple, intuitive and fast operation for the private seller‍

When private customers submit a trade-in request via, they receive a text message containing a link that allows them to conduct a vehicle inspection themselves, directly from their smartphone. By clicking on this link, the driver is guided through a short process that involves taking a few photos of their vehicle. This guided route takes only a few minutes. Tchek ALTO AI's Artificial Intelligence analyzes the photos to detect any damage to the vehicle's bodywork, determining its location, type, and severity.

At the end of the process, the customer can review all the detected damage. They then confirm their self-inspection, and if desired, receive a comprehensive, time-stamped report of the inspection that was conducted.

A fast and precise offer‍

The inspection report is automatically sent to the Toyota dealer selected by the customer when initiating the trade-in request. As a result, the dealer receives comprehensive information about the condition of the vehicle's bodywork provided by the customer. This enables the dealer to promptly formulate a clear and transparent trade-in offer.

Tchek, Toyota France's trusted online trade-in partner‍

By incorporating the self-inspection conducted directly by the private seller into its trade-in process, Toyota France strengthens trust and transparency between its customers and its distribution network. This "self-inspection" of the vehicle, provided by Tchek, comes with several advantages.

For the private seller, it ensures the receipt of a quick, clear, and transparent trade-in offer from a professional.

For the Toyota dealer, it enhances efficiency by receiving a lead that includes the precise condition of the vehicle directly from the website. This means the dealer is well-informed about the vehicle's condition and can provide the fairest trade-in offer, promoting greater transparency with the customer and ensuring a source of high-quality vehicles.

About Tchek

Founded in 2016, Tchek simplifies vehicle inspection and remarketing by leveraging its own imaging and AI technologies. Tchek develops solutions tailored to the needs of automotive and mobility professionals.

These include AI-assisted vehicle inspection, which detects damage and its severity, assesses repair costs and issues a comprehensive report. A technology accessible via API or white-label web application to carry out AI-assisted inspections remotely or on site. Tchek Remote Inspection via Self-Inspection boasts over 95% user satisfaction and a detection rate of up to 90%.

Since its creation, Tchek has carried out over 3 million inspections and analyzed more than 300M images. Today, Tchek's ALTO AI technology is available in over 10 countries, making the company the European leader in remote AI-assisted digital inspection. Its customers include Aramisauto, Toyota France, Emil Frey, CGI Finance, BCA Remarketing and Avis Budget Group.

Technology Tchek : information :

About Toyota

Present in France since 1967, the Group, which designs, produces and distributes in the country, employs over 10,000 people, including 5,500 through its network of over 300 Toyota and Lexus distribution sites and authorized repairers. In 2022, Toyota France sold over 113,000 vehicles of both brands. The leading foreign brand in France with a 6.8% market share, Toyota was also in 2022 the Brand that sold the most vehicles produced in the country, in proportion to its total sales, making it the leader in "Made in France" automobiles.

For 25 years, Toyota has been multiplying innovative initiatives to offer ever more environmentally-friendly mobility solutions, and thus foster the advent of a better world: self-charging hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

The Group wished to formalize its intention to be the world leader in electrification through a new chapter: "Let's Go Beyond", which sums up Toyota's commitment to delivering the best for its customers and society.‍

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