The remote vehicle trade-in solution

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The remote vehicle trade-in solution

Simpler and much less burdensome, remote vehicle trade-in is the ideal solution to complete a transaction quickly and efficiently.

As the used car market has grown considerably, vehicle trade-in and trade-in solutions have had to be reviewed by dealers in order not to miss out on an opportunity to buy a used car.

Indeed, as the semiconductor crisis has resulted in a reduction in the volume of new vehicles on the market, the supply of used vehicles has also been reduced. It is therefore essential for professionals to optimise their sourcing of used vehicles. With this in mind, Tchek has developed a simple remote vehicle trade-in solution.

Improving tomorrow's supply with remote car trade-in

As a professional, making a purchase of a used car is an important step that should be conducted carefully so that you can turn your transaction into a profitable investment. Being able to carry out this step remotely has many advantages, both in terms of costs and opportunities.

Thus, in order to help you in this process, Tchek offers you to discover the artificial intelligence ALTO AI that will allow you to improve your remote vehicle trade-in process.

Vehicle trade-in with Tchek, how does it work?

Our artificial intelligence based Tchek Remote trade-in solution makes it easy to take images of any vehicle. Regardless of the medium used (phone, tablet, etc.) our software guides users to take quality photos.

The images collected can then be used to inspect the vehicle and identify any damage that needs to be repaired, in order to accurately estimate the condition of the vehicle and the cost of repairing it.

As a professional, you can carry out your trade-in process directly online without having to travel, in complete transparency and simplicity. All that remains is for you to collect the car to be repossessed from a location agreed between the two parties.

Artificial intelligence at the service of automotive professionals

Thanks to our Tchek remote trade-in solution, make an accurate trade-in offer without seeing the vehicle. It couldn't be easier! All you have to do is send a link by email or SMS from your dashboard to your potential buyers. They will then be able to complete the 16 photo process in just a few minutes via the application without having to download it.

Thanks to these images, our AI will be able to detect all the damage present on the vehicle and send you a complete report in real time including the cost of repair. All you have to do is validate or invalidate this report and make your offer based on the results.

This simplifies the trade-in process and refines your offer. The seller only has to validate his takeover price and can receive the agreed takeover sum more quickly than before.

The whole process can therefore be carried out remotely and will both save you precious time and avoid possible disputes regarding the damage present on the car.

Tchek, for all remote car trade-in professionals

As a professional, using our Tchek Remote trade-in solution allows you to reduce the delta between estimated and actual costs. This means you can secure your margin while increasing the volume of vehicles you purchase through remote vehicle inspection.

Easily integrated with the leading vehicle trade-in tools on the market today, Tchek Remote trade-in ensures that you never miss a buying opportunity by improving your used vehicle sourcing.


Are you a professional in the automotive sector and want to develop or improve your remote vehicle recovery system? Do not hesitate to contact the Tchek team and book your demo directly with our dedicated expert. He or she will be able to answer all your questions and explain in detail how our remote car trade-in solution works.

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