Optimise insurance claims management

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Avoid fraud and optimise insurance claims management

Are you an insurance professional who wants to simplify the underwriting process for your customers? Or optimize the management of claims? Tchek offers you its innovative solution: its ALTO AI technology which uses artificial intelligence to automate vehicle inspection and thus avoid underwriting fraud. But also to optimize the management of claims. 

Tchek, car inspection at the service of insurance

When taking out an insurance policy for a vehicle, insurers must now guard against attempts at fraud. In this context, with Tchek, they can invite the policyholder to take pictures of his vehicle, via a simple email or SMS link. Or by integrating the Tchek inspection technology directly via API.

This way, the insurer receives the photos of the vehicle and can also have a complete report of the vehicle with the damage already present on the bodywork. A way for the professional to know exactly the condition of the vehicle he is about to insure. A simple process that only takes a few minutes for the customer and ensures that he gets the best possible insurance quote. 

The use of AI in claims tracking

‍Time is a key element during a car claim. Between the declaration, the expert's visit and the repairs, it can take a very long time, which can be costly for both the customer and the insurer.

With Tchek's artificial intelligence ALTO AI, this time can be reduced. Indeed, AI can help the expert to make faster decisions, based on photos, and thus speed up the overall process of validation of the file by the insurer. This saves time and money for the client, the expert and the insurer. 

How does ALTO AI technology work?

In order to perform a reliable inspection, we have developed an application using ALTO AI artificial intelligence. All your customer has to do is take the pictures of the vehicle himself with his smartphone. The image recognition and analysis system immediately identifies any damage and allows you to report it directly on site.

Our capture guide automatically optimises the shooting process to obtain quality photos from any device.

There is no need to bring in an expert to inspect the damage. The surveyor can receive a full pre-report including photos, damage, severity and estimated restoration costs. In this way, he can refine the case and send his final conclusions. Costs are reduced as well as processing times, as the data is transmitted in real time.

Tchek, for all insurance professionals

Using our Artificial Intelligence vehicle inspection technology allows you to provide a clear and innovative process for your clients, while improving the efficiency of your business. Whether you're a surveyor or an insurer, Tchek's inspection can help you save time, simplify your underwriting and claims processing and avoid errors due to the lack of information. 

Avoid errors due to manual inspection and improve your customer relationship by using ALTO AI's expertise directly!

You are an expert or an insurance professional and you have questions about our solution? Do not hesitate to contact our team now. Our specialist will be able to answer all your questions and advise and guide you in your project.

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