How do you choose the right damage detection technology as an automotive professional?

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There are many AI solutions available to help automotive professionals detect vehicle damage for a wide range of uses, such as vehicle trade-in or post-use inspection. However, not all these technologies are created equal. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an AI-assisted vehicle inspection technology solution.

Tchek offers AI solutions that help automotive professionals detect vehicle damage. But Tchek goes much further, offering specific functionalities that are unique on the market. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a vehicle inspection technology solution. 

Ease of integration.

The tool you choose must be able to integrate with your existing tools and processes. 

Tchek's ALTO AI technology can be more easily integrated into the tools and business logic of automotive professionals. In fact, Tchek offers an API that enables users to access its AI services for damage detection, facilitating integration with other systems. 

The right technology.

To facilitate inspection, several AI technologies are available. Tchek's uses deep learning algorithms to detect and assess vehicle damage based on images. The company has its own technology, ALTO AI, which enables unprecedented multimodal image processing. It filters raw data, cleans it, analyzes it and enriches it with its complex deep learning algorithms.


It's important to choose a technology that specializes in automotive image analysis and processing. Tchek's AI is specifically designed and trained to detect vehicle damage, establish its type and severity, and provide an accurate estimate of repair costs. To date, Tchek's technology has already carried out over 3 million inspections, processing more than 300M images of cars and commercial vehicles. 


The tool you choose must be highly accurate in detecting damage. The performance of the various solutions on the market is quite disparate. Tchek claims high performance for ALTO AI, with a detection rate of 90%. A reliable rate, which the company offers to test out at any time. This performance is made possible by the ability of Tchek's technology to assess the quality and conformity of vehicle images before detecting damage, classifying its type and assessing its severity. 

In conclusion, to choose an AI that brings you satisfaction, it's important to consider its ease of integration, its technology, its specialization in your business and its performance. Tchek ticks all the boxes. To find out more, request a demo.

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