How can AI be used to estimate damage to vehicle bodywork?

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Quantifying vehicle body damage from photos can be complex, but using artificial intelligence (AI) can make the process easier and more efficient. Here's how AI can be integrated into the costing steps to get a more accurate estimate of repair costs. 

Using AI to analyze damage to vehicle bodywork

Make sure you take clear, accurate photos: Make sure you take good-quality, high-resolution photos from different angles and lighting. This enables the AI to analyze the images more efficiently and get a detailed view of the damage. The use of dedicated applications like Tchek's makes it possible to integrate an image quality validation model. In this way, technology such as Shoot Inspect integrated into Tchek's solutions ensures that the photos, whether taken by the private individual or the professional, enable the AI to analyze the damage optimally.

Use AI software to analyze images: AI-based software and applications, such as Tchek's solutions incorporating ALTO AI, can automatically analyze photos. These AI solutions let you instantly identify damaged areas, such as dents, scratches, cracks and paint chips.

Use damage detection data to estimate vehicle repair costs

Estimate damage size and severity: AI can also be used to estimate damage size and severity by comparing nearby reference objects and using computer vision algorithms. By estimating the severity of the damage, AI can then be used to refine the cost of damage to the bodywork. 

Research repair costs: By integrating repair cost databases, AI can provide an automatic estimate of repair costs for different types of damage, taking into account labor and spare parts costs.

Integrate your own pricing matrices: For a more accurate estimate, taking into account your own repair costings can enable AI to provide you with information tailored to your vehicle reconditioning processes. 

Artificial Intelligence, the ideal tool for speeding up vehicle damage assessment

The use of AI in vehicle body damage assessment can therefore facilitate the inspection process. By taking better photos and automatically analyzing these images, repair costing becomes a simple, fast and much more reliable process for automotive professionals!

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