Car sharing, how Tchek makes your job easier

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Car-sharing, how Tchek promotes its development

In recent years, awareness has greatly evolved with regard to vehicles and their use. Indeed, drivers are now favouring greener and, above all, less expensive modes of transport in the medium and long term. This is how car-sharing has developed in the largest cities, but it is also appearing little by little in urban areas thanks to car-sharing between individuals.

To be part of this process and to continue to meet this growing need, Tchek offers its damage inspection solution to help every car sharing professional to develop their car sharing offer.

Tchek, promote the car-sharing solution  

In order to encourage exchange and contribute to a more responsible use of the road, Tchek accompanies you in the development of your carsharing offer by proposing its unique damage inspection solution.

With our solutions, automate the inspection process of your fleet of vehicles and provide your users with a simplified and stress-free experience.

Our AI-based imaging technology allows for advanced damage inspection and estimation of actual repair costs in just seconds. This simplifies vehicle return and avoids disputes, for a worry-free car-sharing experience.

Improving the customer experience with Tchek Inspection

With Tchek, users can perform the carsharing vehicle inspection themselves with ease. Your customers can take the photos directly via their smartphone when dropping off the vehicle, thanks to our artificial intelligence that automatically optimises each image capture, to get quality shots, regardless of the device used. Those features can be directly integrated to your own app and process, as our technology is available as a mobile and web SDK.

This allows users to see the potential repair costs in real time in the event of damage to the vehicle, while avoiding disputes through the visual evidence provided by the Tchek Inspection app.

As a professional, you will thus greatly improve your customer experience by empowering your users and keeping your fleet of carsharing vehicles in perfect working order thanks to inspections performed after each use.

AI-based technology for seamless inspections

Our ALTO AI technology uses image recognition and automatically analyses the data to perform a quick and efficient vehicle inspection.

Vehicle users can simply take photos of the car from any device using our capture guide which automatically optimises the image capture.

Once the photos have been captured, ALTO AI analyses the images and identifies any damage to the vehicle. The results are transmitted directly to your application and the inspection is completed. This saves your customers considerable time and the inspection is carried out more reliably.

Tchek, for all car-sharing professionals

As a car-sharing professional, ALTO AI allows you to save time on inspections of your vehicles, thus allowing you to optimise their use to the maximum. The immediate detection of damage allows you to keep your fleet in good working order and avoid possible disputes with users.

Your processes are simplified, procedures are streamlined and the customer experience is optimised. An ideal solution to encourage the development of car-sharing!

Car-sharing professionals, would you like more information on our vehicle inspection solution? Do not hesitate to contact our teams and book a demo directly with our specialist who will answer all your questions and define your vehicle inspection needs with you

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