Car end of lease, simplify your returns management

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Car end of lease, simplify your returns management

As buying a new car is becoming less and less preferred by consumers, loa offers have multiplied during the last few years. Dealers have had to adapt their offers to meet this new demand while implementing new processes to manage leasing returns.

To assist all automotive professionals in this tedious step of returning a vehicle at the end of a lease, Tchek has developed a unique car inspection solution.

The challenges of an end of lease

In order to meet the growing demand of the market, long-term leasing offers have greatly developed with dealers. This development implies a different management of the vehicle fleet for professionals, with the return of the lease being taken care of.

This stage represents a major economic challenge in the automotive sector. The time-consuming manual inspection of a car becomes difficult to manage and reliable for large fleets of vehicles, and is a real source of anxiety for users.

It therefore becomes interesting to automate this process in order to optimise car inspections at the end of the lease.

Tchek, to simplify the return of vehicles

Our Tchek Inspection solution has been developed to simplify the vehicle inspection process and facilitate lease return. By automating the inspection of cars at the end of a lease, you avoid the risk of disputes, increase your customer satisfaction rate and greatly limit the risk of error by using artificial intelligence capable of spotting all types of damage, even the most imperceptible.

As an automotive professional, automating the inspection of vehicles at the end of a lease allows you to benefit from a quicker restoration of the car in order to put it back on the market in the shortest possible time.

This allows you to focus on what matters most: customer relations and developing your leasing offer.

Using our Tchek Inspection solution, you can also offer your customers a pre-rework inspection. This will allow you to anticipate the cost of vehicle reconditioning so that the return process is streamlined, for better customer satisfaction.

Inspection with artificial intelligence, how does it work?

ALTO AI artificial intelligence acts through image recognition. In just a few seconds, the car is scanned, the damage spotted and a pricing of the repair costs sent in real time to your backoffice.

ALTO AI is able to identify many types of damage while avoiding disputes due to human error. This means that your customers can return their vehicles quickly and easily at the end of their lease.

Our Tchek Inspection solution can also be used via any type of device, so it can be carried out anywhere and makes it easier to return the vehicle at the end of the lease. This saves valuable time for you and your customers.

Tchek, for all leasing professionals

Using our vehicle inspection solution will allow all automotive professionals to simplify their management of cars at the end of a lease.

By allowing you to automate the inspection in case of vehicle return, Tchek helps you to promote the exchange with your customers, but also allows you to develop this new mode of consumption while facilitating your procedures. In this way, you are fully involved in a coherent response to drivers' needs.

Leasing professionals, would you like to obtain more information on our vehicle inspection solution Tchek Inspection? Do not hesitate to contact us directly and book your demo with our specialist who will give you all his advice. This meeting will be an opportunity to ask all your questions and to define together your needs to enable you to automate the return of vehicles at the end of the lease.

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