Automotive market: new services enabled by AI

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How artificial intelligence is making its way into the heart of the automotive industry

In this day and age, it has become impossible to go without digital and new technologies. The automotive sector has understood this and has started, for several years already, to use and develop Artificial Intelligence in this industry. Thus, the largest manufacturers such as Tesla are striving to create ever more autonomous and safe vehicles in order to facilitate the road experience as much as possible.

Artificial Intelligence for road safety

In the automotive industry, Artificial Intelligence is making cars ever more efficient and autonomous. The long-term (or even medium-term) goal: to have driverless cars and considerably limit the risk of fatal accidents. Pure fantasy? Not so much!

Powerful technology for intelligent driving

Artificial Intelligence is not yet able to fully dispose of the steering wheel, but it is currently able to offer quality driving assistance. To do this, connected cars now have radars, cameras, lidars (laser detection) and ultrasonic sensors. These devices ensure the protection of the driver by detecting a possible danger much faster than the human eye. If necessary, the AI will be able to trigger an emergency braking system as well as a maximum seatbelt tension in case of a collision.

This data processing and speed of execution is made possible by powerful processors, operating far more efficiently than a human brain, providing a much safer automated driving system.

Detection 2.0 through Artificial Intelligence

In order to go even further in optimizing the safety of motorists, on-board Artificial Intelligence provides a 360° view of the vehicle's environment. Detection of pedestrians, white lines, animals and objects, nothing escapes the vigilance of this digital entity! But this 2.0 detection does not stop there. Some vehicles are now capable of monitoring blind spots and cross traffic, as well as reading traffic signs. Artificial Intelligence can also manage adaptive cruise control with safety distance, keep the vehicle in the lane, provide assistance during maneuvers and automatically adjust headlights based on steering wheel position and light conditions.

Better protect users

The use of artificial intelligence in vehicles also goes far beyond the purely technical aspect. Thanks to an on-board camera, it is able to analyze the driver's movements, position and eyes, in order to emit an audible signal when necessary to call him or her to order.

In case of discomfort, and no response from the driver, this technology can even take control of the car in order to activate the hazard lights, shift it to the side of the road and activate the emergency braking to avoid a possible collision with the vehicle in front.

A connected vehicle for optimized remote controls

Sim cards, wifi, the vehicle of tomorrow becomes as equipped as a smartphone! These connected cars have a cloud managed by Artificial Intelligence and can be controlled remotely by the driver.

Updates are also done automatically, so that the user can benefit from a car that is always at the top of its performance.

4G and soon 5G connections allow vehicles to self-diagnose and identify certain faults that can even be repaired remotely when it is an electronic problem.

Tchek develops the service of tomorrow

As automotive innovation is therefore not at its first attempt, it is crucial to be able to adapt and anchor itself in this dynamic of efficiency and safety offered by Artificial Intelligence.

While mechanical and electronic controls can nowadays be carried out by the vehicle itself, the same cannot be said for the exterior of the vehicle, particularly the bodywork. But here again, technology and artificial intelligence can help, because for Tchek, the car of the future must also rhyme with automated service!

Developing the automotive industry also means facilitating the work of car rental and car sharing companies by developing the automation of the most time-consuming tasks such as the inspection at the beginning or end of the loan. In the era of leasing and carsharing, our solutions simplifie this step by using Artificial Intelligence capable of detecting and quantifying the damage of a vehicle or an entire leasing fleet in just a few seconds.

Tchek's Artificial Intelligence serving the automotive revolution

Artificial Intelligence not only saves time for both the lessor and the lessee, but also builds real trust between the two parties. The neutrality of the process becomes unquestionable and the transparency total thanks to the transmission of repair costs in real time.

Our system is also usable from any device such as a simple smartphone, meeting the need for mobility of today's users. Accessible anywhere and anytime, the constraints are thus considerably reduced.

In the long term, this Artificial Intelligence could benefit many car manufacturers as well as insurance companies, as the image and detection could be used as irrefutable proof in case of litigation. In case of an accident for example, the damage report and the sending of images could be immediate thanks to the data sharing.

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