AI facilitates body inspection for end-of-lease vehicle pre-return

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AI facilitates body inspection for end-of-lease vehicle pre-return

Among the many applications of AI, the inspection of the bodywork of vehicles at the end of a lease has become a key tool for leasing companies and car dealers. Particularly in the case of vehicle pre-return.

AI for accurate detection of body defects.

One of the main advantages of AI in this context is its ability to accurately detect body damage such as scratches, dents and paint chips. With its own technology, and with over 3 million inspections and 300 million images analysed, Tchek's AI can identify and classify defects with an accuracy that often exceeds that of inspectors or experts.

AI as a time-saver.

Automating body inspection saves considerable time. Vehicles can be inspected quickly and efficiently, without the need for professional intervention or in advance of it. Tchek's ALTO AI technology can inspect vehicles continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in seconds. This reduces waiting times and improves customer satisfaction at the end of a lease.

AI to reduce costs and errors.

The use of AI for body inspection can reduce costs related to labour and human error. These errors can lead to additional costs for leasing companies but also to customer dissatisfaction later on, preventing the resale of a vehicle for example. Tchek's reliable and consistent technology saves money and manpower and reduces errors, thus avoiding customer disputes.  

Integration with your business tools and logic.

AI can be integrated into your customer journeys to further improve body shop inspection. For example, the driver can carry out his own pre-repair inspection thanks to an SMS or an email sent by the professional. Or it can be integrated into a mobile application to facilitate the inspection at the point of sale. The photos taken are analysed by the AI to provide each party with a detailed and accurate inspection report.

Artificial intelligence is therefore a technology that is particularly well suited to the pre-return of a vehicle at the end of a lease, to assist both the user and the professional in the inspection of the bodywork in order to limit errors and disputes.

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