diag automobile
Promote a 100% digital experience
By guiding users through an automated vehicle image capture process, Tchek INSPECT ensures a simple and streamlined online experience for your end customers and employees.
diagnostic auto
Save time and reduce costs
Tchek solutions integrate with your current processes, saving you time and money. By automating your inspection processes and repair cost estimation, Tchek reduces inspection time and provides real time results.
diagnostic auto
Improving the quality of inspections
From car purchasing to automotive quality control, the Tchek INSPECT solution ensures optimal quality and consistency of all your inspections.
UV players
Find new UV sources
With Tchek INSPECT, offer individuals or other companies a secure and 100% remote sourcing process: get perfect photos of each vehicle, detect any damage - all without ever seeing the vehicle
Rental companies
Anticipate returns
With Tchek INSPECT, estimate the condition of a vehicle remotely and validate repair costs at the time of return to save money. Anticipate returns by monitoring the condition of your fleet in real time.