Tchek IN&OUT

Automate your car rental check-in and check-out process with our AI-powered damage inspection solution

Key benefits for car rentals and car sharing actors

Simplify the check-in and check-out experience for your customers

After each rental, even small dents, scratches or bumps are automatically detected and quoted

Automatic claim detection enhances transparency and trust between the customer and rental company

Check-in and check-out can happen 24/7

Stay on top of car damage after every rental

How it works ?

1. Capture images easily

Taking suitable images of a car becomes effortless with our 360° image capturing process, using your app or any device.

2. We do the work

ALTO AI, our AI-powered imaging technology, identifies damage, pinpoints its location, and measures its severity.

3. Spot new damage instantly

Get immediate alerts when new damage is detected. Tchek IN&OUT also assesses the cost of repairs.

4. Easy integration and personalisation

Integrate Tchek IN&OUT into your existing app to make check-ins and check-outs a seamless part of your rental flow.

Tchek API, app and Scanner

Tchek API
All solutions embedded into your internal flows, app or website

Our AI in your company’s existing processes

Easy integration, no coding required
Tchek App
All Tchek solutions embedded in one app

Our AI on your smartphone

Instant synchronisation to your back office
Tchek Scan
Fixed sets of 20 CCTV-style cameras for 360° inspection. 

Precision, quick delivery and installation anywhere in Europe

Instant synchronisation to your dashboards

Tchek is the european leader combining robust IA-based imaging technology with business logic layers of the automotive industry.

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