Car  repair remodeled thanks to AI for insurance claims processes

Automate and improve claim settlement with AI
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Improve your customers claim experience

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Digital tools are offered to your policyholders

Damage inspections are more reliable by avoiding fraudulent and unjustified claims

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Claim settlement is accelerated

How it works ?

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1. Simple image capturing

Using your app or any device, policyholders or claims adjusters can easily take suitable images of car damage with our after-claims capturing process.

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2. We do the work

ALTO, our AI-powered imaging technology, instantly identifies damage, pinpoints its location, and measures its severity. Images that are blurry or shot in low light will be detected and prompt the policyholder to take them again.

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3. Get instant results

All involved parties will receive a report of repairable and replaceable vehicle parts, plus their estimated costs, speeding up the claims process drastically.

Tchek API, app and Scanner

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Tchek Scan

Fixed sets of 20 CCTV-style cameras for 360° inspection. 

Precision, quick delivery and installation anywhere in Europe

Instant synchronisation to your dashboards

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Tchek API

All solutions embedded into your internal flows, app or website

Our AI in your company’s existing processes

Easy integration, no coding required
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Tchek App

All Tchek solutions embedded in one app

Our AI on your smartphone

Instant synchronisation to your back office

"We offer solutions to problems faced by any team managing car inspections. The strategic and financial stakes are massive.”

Léa Chevry, co-founder

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