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Improve the car claims process using AI with our Tchek Claims solution

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Automated and optimised auto claims reporting

Are you an insurance professional who wants to simplify your car claim process for your customers? Tchek offers you its innovative solution: Tchek Claims, which uses artificial intelligence to automate and improve all claims reporting.

Tchek, the car claims of tomorrow

When you have a car accident, the claims declaration is a crucial element for your customers. A wrong declaration or a wrong deadline, and you find yourself unable to process your customers' file. Tchek has chosen to serve professionals and to simplify as much as possible the essential process of declaring a car claim.

Thanks to our solution, you can offer your customers everything they need to make their claim in no time. We have developed all the necessary tools to make it possible to file a car claim from anywhere, via any medium (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). This means that as soon as the damage occurs, the user can immediately record the damage, photograph the damage via our optimised capture tool and send the claim directly.

With our tchek claims solution, long processing times and a lot of administrative forms are a thing of the past. You receive your customer's car claim directly in your back office and can process it quickly thanks to all the information provided by the application. This reduces the time needed to process the file and the compensation and greatly improves your customer satisfaction.

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The use of AI to report car claims

As a professional, using tchek claims saves you time on car inspections in case of claims. Our artificial intelligence ALTO AI scans the vehicle for you and instantly spots any damage present on the vehicle. By automating this process, you not only improve your efficiency, but also the trust with your customer. Artificial intelligence has the ability to spot more damage and at the same time avoid disputes due to human error.  This means that the inspection in the event of a car claim is carried out faster and more reliably.

ALTO AI technology, how does it work?

In order to perform a reliable inspection, we have developed an application using ALTO AI artificial intelligence. All your customer has to do is to take the pictures of the vehicle himself with his smartphone. The image recognition and analysis system immediately identifies any damage and allows you to report the damage directly on the spot.

Our capture guide automatically optimises the picture-taking process so that quality photos can be obtained from any device.

This eliminates the need for an expert to come and inspect the damage. Costs are reduced as well as processing times, as data is transmitted in real time.

Tchek, for all car claims professionals

Reporting a car claim is a crucial, but time-consuming, step for both insurance professionals and claimants. Using our Tchek claims solution allows you to provide a clear and innovative process, while improving the efficiency of your business.

By using ALTO AI, you are helping to improve the insurance industry by automating the auto claims process and making it easier for you and your customers.

Avoid errors due to manual inspection and improve your customer relationship by using ALTO AI's expertise directly!

You are an insurance professional and you have questions about our solution for the declaration of car claims? Do not hesitate to contact our team and book your demo now. Our specialist will be able to answer all your questions and give you advice and guidance on your project.

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