How to boost your UV business with AI

Tchek supports you throughout the entire life of your used vehicles

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Tchek has a solution for every stage of
your UV process

Remote trade-in

Accurately assess the value of a vehicle remotely and make offers to the seller without seeing the vehicle.

Source more vehicles with remote inspection by ALTO AI.

Send an SMS to an owner who is selling his vehicle. He receives a link to access the Tchek app without downloading it.

He simply takes pictures of his
vehicle. Our AI detects
the damages.

You will receive a complete vehicle condition report with an estimate of the repair costs.
Make an offer!

On-site trade-in

Let us inspect your vehicles as soon as they arrive at the dealer's. Get a full report with repair cost estimation in 3 minutes.
Make your on-site purchasing offers more accurate and reliable. Increase your margins.

It's also the ideal solution to boost your workshop turnover.
By detecting new damage, propose additional Smart Repair operations!


Inspect your vehicles as soon as they arrive at the reconditioning centre. Your operators get a full assessment of the damage and repairs to be carried out.
Repair and resell faster.
Optimise your stock rotation.
Optimized logistics
Faster resell
Accelerated stock rotation


Standardize and publish your car ads automatically. Reduce the resell time of your vehicles.
Branded background
License plate hidden
Enhanced images
Car ads published automatically

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