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In a few clicks, add your photos and get a damage detection report.

1. Take photos

Using your smartphone, our guided image capturing process makes photo taking really simple.

2. We do the work

Your immediate results are delivered directly onto the app : location, part and severity of each damage. You can easily add a repair costs database to these results. 

3. Get instant results

ALTO AI, our AI-based technology embedded in TCHEK INSPECT process the images and identify damage location and severity on a car. 


Why should you automatize your UV inspections ?

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Win the Used Vehicles sourcing battle

100% online vehicle inspection is key to increase the number of cars you need to grow your business. 

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Enable a 100% digital car buying experience

TCHEK INSPECT ensure optimal quality and consistency in your damage inspection.
By guiding users through an automated vehicle image and data capture process, Tchek ensures your end customers an easy and simplified experience.

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Save time and reduce costs

TCHEK INSPECT integrate into your current business processes, saving you time and money. By finding damages and discrepancies, Tchek shortens the time it takes to capture and inspect the vehicle with real-time results.

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